Friday, June 24

Alexya at the office

Alexya is absolutely beautiful. She has big, natural tits (always an advantage in this age when most boob lovers prefer real tits), a slim 'n' stacked figure, those gorgeous piercing eyes and a posing style that oozes, "Come fuck me." Alexya doesn't fuck on-camera, but she doesn't have to. The way she moves her body is hotter than hardcore.

Here's what SCORE contest voters have written about Alexya:

B.M. called Alexya "drop-dead gorgeous."

R.P. said Alexya is "as impressive the way she enters a scene as the way she leaves. Watching her on a tropical beach wearing bikinis is the closest thing to watching an angel in paradise."

F.L. raved, "A beautiful face, beautiful tits, beautiful all the way. Without a doubt, one of the most-beautiful women on Earth."

Dweller said, "I suggest SCORE pay this incredible lady handsomely and keep her modeling here for a long time. She is possibly the most stunningly beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Alexya is one of the stars of the best-selling movie On Location North Coast, in which she joined seven other naturals at a beach house in the Dominican Republic. Alexya is as stunning as the surroundings.

Here, Alexya is hard at work in an office. In my opinion, one shared by Elliot James, Alexya doesn't belong in an office. She belongs on-camera, undressing and showing off her spectacular body and pink pussy for all the world to see. That's what she's doing in this scene. She's also wearing fishnet pantyhose, and she does something I love: tears them open so she can get to her pussy quicker.


Monday, May 9

SCORE's Swimsuit Stars: 30th Anniversary Special

When it comes to swimsuit stars, it's our privilege to photograph the world's greatest busting their bikinis. Valory Irene, Honey Moons, Hitomi, Joana Bliss, Katy Ann, Korina Kova, Maggie Green, Angela White, Minka, Christy Marks, Merilyn Sakova, Katie Thornton, Daniella Levy, Karina Hart, Roxi Red, Hitomi, Demmy Blaze, Daria, Alexya, Erin Star, Helen Star, Codi Vore, Kitty Cute and Sha Rizel are the reasons the bikini was invented in 1946 by a Frenchman in Paris.

Tuesday, April 12

Sexy shower time with Sha and Alexya

An all-star cast of top SCORE and Voluptuous Girls powers the movie On Location North Coast. Called the biggest on-location movie since Boobs Ahoy! 2000 Boob Cruise, North Coast stars Codi, Alexya, Daria, Demmy Blaze, Kitty Cute, Sha Rizel and the Star sisters, Erin and Helen.

In the opener scene from the movie, Codi arrives at the island retreat, where she meets the other girls. They assemble to watch a special long-distance message from TSG Miami on the big screen TV that explains why they were sent to this island paradise.

"Good morning, ladies, and welcome to North Coast in the beautiful Dominican Republic. My name is Dave, the editor of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines, and you are the greatest big-boob girls in the world," he says. "The best of the best. We have gathered you here for a very special reason. All of you are elite. All of you are fantasy girls and this is your fantasy villa. It's all yours to enjoy for the next week. The house,  the pool, the beach... this week, it's your playground.

"But you've been gathered here for another reason. We're looking for a covergirl for a special issue of SCORE magazine. You're not the only ones who are here. We've also flown in our photographers, videographers and makeup artists. Over the next several days, each of you will be assigned various challenges. The girl who is judged the winner by our team of editors and videographers will get the cover! So, girls, are you ready? Good luck and have a great week!"

The first pair to get their challenge are Sha and Alexya and it takes place in the shower. Watching the two get wet and soapy, Codi gets excited and joins in. We challenge you to not cum while you watch this scene.

Tuesday, March 8

The girl with come-here eyes

"It's crazy if I go out with a lot of cleavage showing," Alexya said. "If I go out wearing something that shows off my breasts, I have to be with somebody. I like to be normal and not have my breasts out so everyone will stare."

It's a different story when free-spirited Alexya is in a camera-ready situation. She is one of the stars of the DVD On Location North Coast, shot in the Dominican Republic. Alexya and the other girls could wear few clothes (and often nothing at all) at the luxe private resort where the event was filmed.

Alexya is a beautiful blend of glamour girl, mystery girl and girl-next-door. In her interview videos, she is quiet and seems shy. She giggles a lot in them, almost as if she doesn't see why she gets guys excited. She's soft-spoken and she's usually silent in her scenes.

Tuesday, February 15

Beauty & The Breasts

Busty and beautiful Alexya shows off her gorgeous body by a window, and when all her clothing is discarded, smears yogurt all over her big tits. Some of it drips down her chest. She looks good enough to lick.

Alexya told us about one of her sexual experiences that she thought was very kinky. "I was dating a very sexual and masculine man," said Alexya. "After six months, he wanted me to dominate him and slap him on the face.

"Another time, I was at the cinema. The hall was almost full but there was a row of seats that were empty. The movie was 3D and the people were wearing glasses. I was alone and I started to touch myself slowly. After a while, a man next to me saw me and he watched me touch myself until I had an orgasm."

Monday, January 3

Pooling her assets

I've called Alexya "The girl with the Mona Lisa smile." 

There's a word for that in Italy: "Sfumato," meaning ambiguous. People interpret the mysterious Mona Lisa smile in Da Vinci's famed painting in different ways. Was it a happy smile? Contented? Amused? Satisfied? Smiling about a secret only she knew? Some experts say it was how Da Vinci mastered perspective and paint.

Whatever it means, combined with her dark eyes, the gorgeous face, the killer body and the beautifully-shaped, natural breasts, Alexya is a total babe in every way. I've always advocated for more videos and photos of her.

Alexya is the kind of girl who seems as if she doesn't know what the excitement about her is all about even though she does understand the effect she has on guys. I once wrote that she's a girl who spoils men for other girls, and I stand by that opinion.

When the SCORE team was filming the movie On Location North Coast in the Dominican Republic, one of the photographers said, "Alexya is a free spirit. She does whatever she's in the mood for. She was always doing her own thing, but never in a way that caused a disturbance. She's in her own world a lot, and I guess you could say it's a world a lot of men would love to be in." A good observation.

Tuesday, November 9

Fun With Fruit

Sha, Codi and Alexya are lounging outside one of the villas, enjoying the sea air and exotic sights of the North Coast. They're wearing tight miniskirts and tight bras with cardigans knotted under their big boobs. Head-spinners! A waiter walks over to their loungers with a tray of tropical cocktails, then hands Codi a tablet. It's the next message from SCORE editor Dave at the Miami office. What's on his boob-besotted mind this time?

"Girls, one of the greatest things about big, natural boobs are the things that you can do with them, and I mean you. The next challenge is to be creative. Show us what you can do with big tits. Everything you can do with your tits. We have fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes, so have at it."

When the girls stroll into the villa, they see a large table loaded with fresh fruits of all sizes: watermelons, grapes, lemons and more. Codi holds her boobs like a shelf while her friends load her up with oranges. They repeat it with the addition of a cantaloupe. Cucumbers are next. Making a three-girl titty hug-fest, Codi, Sha and Alexya pile on the fruit. They laugh so hard, their boobs bounce and all of the fruit falls to the floor.